Services We Provide

Multiple Bands

We have 10 years of experience running all-day venues with portable PA systems where multiple bands get up on stage one after the other to play an hour or so each. No problem!

Multiple Stages

Because we have multiple portable sound systems we can set up and operate several stages at one time if needed.


During the ceremony we can provide a wireless microphone for the minister, an input for your recorded wedding ceremony music, and microphones and/or inputs for musicians. Then at the reception we can have a separate portable PA system ready to go for toasting and dancing to a live band, your DJ equipment, and/or recorded music.

Mic Check!!


We can also bring a complete LED wash light system to add colorful lighting to your evening event.

PA Systems

Our portable PA systems are perfect for speaking engagements. Whether it's an indoor meeting with multiple rooms or an outdoor event for a larger crowd, we can make sure your presenters are heard.

About Us

Live Mic Sound can come to your event and make sure your guests hear everything you want them to hear!

We have been setting up and running portable PA systems for more than 10 years in the Oconee County, South Carolina area. This has included outdoor events like wedding ceremonies, parties, and festivals and indoor events like concerts, band competitions, and -- for the past two years -- the Walhalla Civic Auditorium.

Our Philosophy

We don’t try to fill a football stadium with sound! Unlike other providers, we won’t bring the biggest system and the most staff just so we can charge you for it. If your event only needs two speakers, a Shure microphone and one audio engineer, that’s what we will bring and that’s what you will pay for.

If you need 3 or 4 individual PA sound systems to run multiple stages simultaneously, we can do that too.

We don’t “set it and forget it.” As musicians ourselves, we bring that critical ear needed to continuously bring balance and clarity to every voice and instrument in the mix throughout the show.

Live Mic Sound brings to your event only high-quality sound equipment and the sound engineering skills and expertise needed to make sure you and your guests have a positive experience.

Portable Sound System Equipment

For our smaller shows we use powered 15-inch JBL Eon Speakers. These are great speakers that give a full range of sound reproduction for acoustic and vocal performances.

For our medium and larger size venues, we are proud to be using Electro Voice Tour X 2152 speakers. Each of these have twin 15-inch speakers for powerful lows and low-mids plus a 2-inch horn to provide amazingly clear high-mids and highs.

If your show needs that low-end thump that you can feel in your chest we can include our powered JBL 18-inch sub woofers.

We use a wide range of quality dynamic and condenser microphones appropriate to whatever sound source you might have including Shure microphones, Audio Technica, Blue, and Electro Voice. We also have wireless microphones to choose from.

Currently our “go to” sound mixer board is the digital PreSonus 16.4.2 with built in reverb and delay capabilities and that also allows us to run as many as six individual monitor mixes.

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For questions about your event and for estimates, please email us at or call us at 864-784-3899.


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